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The project Development of Cultural Industries in the Cultural Institutions of Armenia and Georgia was launched in April 2009 within the framework of the British Council's British Council's "Creative Collaboration" programme. Its principal aim was to encourage cooperation between  museums and producers in the partner countries in the field of the cultural industries and, in particular, on museum reproductions and traditional crafts that could serve as a source of creative exchanges and provide economic benefits for cultural institutions as well as for individual producers, artists and artisans.

The project aimed to draw on to the UK experience in product development, business management and marketing.  GACC organised a workshop in product development, business management, and marketing for the specialists from Armenia and Georgia. This workshop was led by Selina Fellowes, a leading UK consultant in income generation in the heritage sector, and Timothy Mason, an arts and heritage consultant in the UK with considerable international experience. One objective of the project was to create new product ranges of museum reproductions and traditional crafts in each participant country.  These were to be presented in a virtual exhibition on a specially developed website. It was hoped that as an extension to the project there might be a possibility of exhibiting the new products at UK or European international gift fairs with the aim of gaining access to international markets.

The long term goal of the project was to turn local crafts traditions into creative and business joint ventures, using the extensive expertise and experience of the UK and other western countries. It was hoped that the merchandise ranges would be sold through various retail outlets such as museum shops, galleries and design-led retailers in the UK and beyond. In the longer term there may also be opportunities for the craftspeople and designers/makers of the three participating countries to work with UK craftspeople and designers/makers through an exchange programme or meeting at trade shows in the UK.

Project Final Events
March 15-16, 2010

The end of the Project was marked by three events:
- The opening of the Museum shop at Kutaisi State History Museum on March 15, 2010;
- Opening exhibition at Batumi Archaeological Museum and w
- The wrap up meeting of the project on March 16, 2010.
These events were attended by the Armenian and Georgian participants in the project and British Council representatives. The official opening ceremonies attracted the interest of local government and national and local television and press.

January 15-20, 2010

GACC visited Kutaisi and Batumi to plan a programme of activities which would mark the end of the project.  Meetings were also held with local authorities. The design and concept of the Batumi exhibition had been drafted in cooperation with museum staff.

Januray 10, 2010

The British Council allocated additional funding for the extension of the project. This enabled the establishment of a museum shop in Kutaisi State Museum and the exhibition at the Batumi Archaeological Museum.

December 30, 2009 - Launch of Online exhibition

The Online Exhiition of the collections created as a part of the project was launched. Please follow the link to brawse musem collections. Visit Online Exhibition

December 25, 2009 - EXPO

Armenian Museums launched EXPO, an exhibition of their new retail collection on December 25, 2009 at the National Gallery of Armenia.  This provided an opportunity to test the new collection on the Christmas market. At the same time, the Armenian museums organised a workshop, Case, where the project leader, Maka Dvalishvili, shared the experience of the GACC project, including  the creation of museum reproductions, the development of new product lines, promotion and marketing.

December 15, 2009 - January 15, 2010 - Exhibition "Christmas Gift"

The exhibition Christmas Gift was held at GACC, providing an opportunity to present the new collections developed as a part of British Council Creative Collaboration Project.

July 13-16, 2009 - Workshop at GACC

On July 13 2009 a press conference at GACC marked the opening of a four-day workshop for Georgian and Armenian museum staff and crafts people. This intensive workshop focused on the one hand on product development, business management, and marketing, and, on the other, on the educational value of the museums.   The workshop aimed at helping to develop and market anew product ranges of museum reproductions and crafts. It was facilitated by Selina Fellowes, a leading UK consultant in income generation in the heritage sector and Timothy Mason, a British arts and heritage consultant and a leading authority on cultural heritage issues

May  14, 2009 – Meeting at Batumi Archaeological Museum

The Project team visited Batumi Archaeological Museum to encourage its participation in the project. The Director of the Museum, Mr. Amiran Kakhidze, expressed interest in participating in the project.   With his encouragement, the project team and local curators selected several pieces of jewelry and some ceramic vessels as the inspiration for the design of a new line of historical reproductions for the Batumi Archaeological Museum. The possibility of the opening of a museum shop was also discussed.

May  5, 2009 Project Team Visits Kutaisi State History Museum

On May 5, 2009 GACC held meetings with the Director and staff of the Kutaisi State History Museum.  The director of the Museum had expressed considerable interest in the project. Together with Museum staff project designers selected items from the collection which would serve as sources for creation of a new range of gifts, based on the historical collection.

April 5 - 8, 2009 - GACC visit to Erevan, Armenia

The GACC project team visited Armenia on April 5-8, 2009. The aim of the visit was to introduce the project to key Armenian institutions, identify partners and plan project activities. A  presentation, given at the British Council’s offices on May 6, generated considerable interest and at the end of a meeting, those participating expressed their support for the project’s aims.

On April 7, 2009 GACC held more detailed discussions with individual museums, galleries and crafts stores. The tentative list of Armenian Partners included Erebuni Museum, Museum of Echmiadzin, National Gallery of Armenia, National History Museum and Wood Carving Museum.

GACC was very grateful to the British Council – Armenia for their assistance in planning this trip.

April 3, 2009 - Presentation of the Project

The project was launched on 3 April, at special reception at the Georgian Arts and Culture Centre (GACC). The project called Development of Cultural Industries in the South Caucasus Countries: Introduction to the UK Experience in Product development, Business Management and Marketing was the only winner of the Creative Collaboration grant in the South Caucasus and was part of a wider South-East European programme known as Creative Collaboration.

Country Resources

The links below lead to further information on the crafts and creative industries traditions of participating countries.

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