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12th-13th cc. Borjomi Region, Georgia

In 2006 Georgian Arts & Culture Center and Conservazione Beni Culturali, Rome (Italy) had been awarded European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra medal in the category of Architectural Heritage for the project of the Timotesubani Church of the Virgin.

The mural paintings at the Church of the Virgin in Timotesubani are among the best examples of Georgian medieval art. They date from 1205-1215 and are the jewel in the crown of a group of frescoes from Queen Tamar's epoch. Though the paintings of Timotesubani form a single whole, the particularities of separate masters are clearly displayed there, and their work is characterized by extraordinary drafting skills, delicate color and flowing line.

A complex and extended ensemble distinguished by the rich iconography of the Georgian religious tradition, the frescoes at Timotesubani, together with those at Vardzia, Betania, Kintsvisi, and Bertubani, form the most significant stage of the development of Georgian medieval wall painting.

The works on the site had been conducted in three phases:
a) Diagnostic study and determination of restoration needs. 2000-2001
Actions completed:
Technical and environmental studies of the site
- Diagnostic studies and analyses to verify microbiological damage
- Full photo and graphic documentation
- Determination of conservation needs and methods of treatment
Funded by: World Monuments Fund ®/The Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

b) Rehabilitation of architectural structure. 2002-2003
Actions completed:
      - Repair of roofs and windows
      - Creation of proper drainage of the foundation (relaying of pavement, building drainage ditches)
      - Protection of north side from future water damage
      - Cleaning of the dome's interior and replacement of its' crowning stone
Funded by:World Monuments Fund ®/The Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

c)Emergency treatment and conservation of the frescoes. 2004-2006
Actions completed:
- plaster secured and consolidated with bonding agents and lime
- treatment of the frescoes with a biocide to remove bacteria
- Rehabilitation of the damaged steps, floor and brickwork
- Creation of the graphic and photo documentation
Funded by:World Monuments Fund ®/The Samuel H. Kress Foundation
The Foundation for the Rescue and Preservation of Historical monuments of Georgia
World Monuments Fund ®/ Robert Wilson Challenge
Georgian Ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection and Sports

Acknowledgements:Maka Dvalishvili, Ano Shanshiashvili, Angela M.H. Schuster, Bonnie Burnham, Darejan Mgebrisgvili, Gia Khurtsilava, Guram Cheishvili, Ippolito Massari, Mark Gittins, Mary Kay Judy, Morris Hylton III, Mzia Janjalia, Nana Kuprashvili, Nicholas Bantsadze, Tamuna. Kiknadze, Tengo Gabunia, Sabina Vedoveilo; 
the Archive of Special Scientific-Conservation Workshop, Georgia; the "Betania" Center of Technical Study of Paintings After E. Privalova, Georgia; CBC Conservazione Beni Culturali, Italy; the R&C Laboratory, Italy;


>See some images of the frescos correspondingly before and after the conservation.