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GACC Gallery is committed to developing contemporary formats for the exhibition and display of works of arts. The synthesis of various art forms becomes the language that communicates emotional expressions and impressions at the exhibition.

For GACC, the overall look of the exhibition is like the painter’s canvas, and the exhibits are the media which the artist uses to create the painting. We fill our canvas with music, light, shadow, movement and form. We try to make history come alive, to bring the paintings down from the walls. Our design staff works to make an aesthetic impact on the emotions and perceptions of our viewers. GACC has hosted and organised more than 200 exhibitions.

GACC also acts to promote Georgian Art and contemporary Georgian artists.

brouse our Local Exhibitions    Traveling Exhibitions 

During 15 years GACC developed the concept and presented to Georgian public the number of significant exhibitions. Being one of the ways of communication with wide audience, GACC Exhibitions echoed our mission and served for the raising of public awareness on various aspects of Georgian culture. Many of our exhibitions are the part of ongoing programs such as Support to Georgian Museums, Crafts Development Program, Save Georgian Cultural Heritage etc. Browse links below to retrospect some of our Exhibitions.

Ancient History in Modern Design  - Adornment and History"
11.11.2012 -27.11.2012

Exhibition organized under the Patronage of Tbilisi City Hall at the Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art In the frames of “Tbilisoba – 2012”
 Author and Creator: Georgian Arts & Culture Center “Istoriali” Co-Organizer: Institute of Archeology at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


"History, Style, Costume"
Highlights from Georgian Cinema and Stage History

21.10.2010 -31.10.2010
Exhibition organized under the Patronage of Tbilisi City Hall at the Jansugh Kakhidze Musicaland CulturalCentre hall In the frames of “Tbilisoba – 2010”
Author and Creator: Georgian Arts & Culture Center “Istoriali”


History, Style, Costume”  Exhibition of Theatrical Costumes
17.02.2001- 08.04.2001
On display: the costumes and props designed by the Georgian artists for plays, movies, opera and ballet; Collection of Z.Paliashvili State Theater of Opera and Ballet, Rustaveli State Academic Theater, K.Marjanishvili State Dramatic Theater, more...


Maka Assatiany, Guga Kotetishvili
The exhibition presented Maka Assatyani’s collection from the Pankisi show, Guga Kotetishvili’ s metal furniture and interior accessories, and Nika Memanishvili’s musical composition from the documentary “Maka Assatyani – Pankisi, Georgia 2002”.


“Au Naturell”
From the program “Support to Georgian Museums”
In the exposition were presented exhibits from the Botanic and Zoology departments of the State Museum of Georgia; flower collection from “Phitodesign Ltd., plants from the Cactus Lovers Club collection, paintings by Merab Abramishvili and sculpture by Gia Japaridze.


Exhibition of Musical Instruments
From the program “Support to Georgian Museums”
On display exhibits from: The Museum of Musical Instruments; The V. Sarajishvili State Conservatory; The Z. Paliashvili Opera and Ballet Theatre of Tbilisi; The State Art Museum; The First, Second and Third Musical schools; Collections of contemporary artists


“Dolls’ Exhibition”
From the program “Support to Georgian Museums”
On display: Collection of the Tbilisi Museum of Toys; Ethnographical dolls from the collection of Georgian State Museum; Exhibits from the Theater of Dolls; Private collections and modern hand-made dolls.



The GACC Traveling Exhibitions Program is dedicated to organize high quality affordable traveling exhibitions for various spaces. GACC is committed to develop contemporary formats of the exhibition and display of works of arts. The synthesis of different art forms becomes the language that communicates emotional expressions and impressions at the exhibition.

GACC also offers the professional services for creation and set up of new exhibitions: concept development, curatorial execution, display and design.

If you are interested in hosting any of our traveling exhibitions just See Lease Agreemnet Terms & contact us

Now On Tour!

“Georgian Living Heritage”
Doha, Qatar

17-30 January, 2016

The Exhibition organized under the Patronage of the Embassy of Georgia to the State of Qatar in cooperation with Katara Cultural Village.
Exhibition presenting traditional and contemporary handicrafts and applied arts from Georgia inspired by a language form developed over centuries, the exhibits bear testimony to Georgian creativity and bring to life Georgia’s manifold cultural and artistic relations at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
In addition to original exhibits, the show uses various contemporary media to highlight the beauty and understanding of these ancient pieces, including several multimedia presentations and three-dimensional photographs of ancient artifacts.


Georgia - A journey Through Land, History and Culture
The exhibition Georgia - A Journey through Land, Hisotry and Culture is a retrospective presentation of Georgia's history and culture through the display of the country's most important cultural landmarks, religious and secular monuments, artifacts and artworks.


Adornment & History: "Ancient Georgia - Crossroads of Europe and Asia"
The exhibition comprised of a series of multimedia presentation, photographs, posters and pedestals displays of modern replicas - motifs of ancient Georgian gold jewelry. The concept of the exhibition is to transform these archaeological finds from historical heritage items into contemporary adornments, while preserving their cultural value.

  The Cultural Heritage of Georgia: Abkhazeti and Shida Kartli
The traveling exhibition consistes of Photo posters of the historical and cultural monuments from the conflict regions of Georgia, and the Artistic motives of the archaeological findings from the territories of Abkhazeti and Shida Kartli



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