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Dadiani Palaces History and Architectural Museum

Dadiani Palaces History and Architectural Museum is situated in the West Georgia (Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti District), in the city Zugdidi, 340 km from Tbilisi. The museum complex (Beginning of 19th century) includes: palaces of the Samegrelo (West Georgia) queen Ekaterine Chavchavadze-Dadiani (German architect G. Reis) and Prince Niko Dadiani (Russian architect Leonid Vasiliev), court church and the unique botanic garden (60-90-ies of the XIX c., architects: G. Rais and L. Vasiliev).
In 1850ies, Prince David Dadiani organized a museum in the palace, where  the unique numismatic materials from the Archaeopolis (Samegrelo region, present day village Nokalakevi), the antique period town, discovered during accidental excavations, were displayed as well as Dadiani family collections of medieval European armor and weapons, ethnographic objects, and Fine art.
In 1921 on the base Dadiani Palaces was established Zugdidi History State Museum, since 2005 – t Dadiani Palaces History and Architectural Museum
At present in the museum are kept: samples of the I c. B.C. – XIX A.D. goldsmith works (icons, various religious objects, fine art samples); archaeological materials representing antique period Greek and Georgian culture; collection of Christian sacred objects (such as: the seamless Chitin of Holy Mother of God), samples of European applied art (Boulet, Rococo, Empire styles); relics of Samegrelo princes, royal families of France (numerous items connected with the Napoleon Bonaparte, from Ashil Miurat – Son in law of David Dadiani), Russia, Spain; XV-XIX c.c. manuscripts and charters; libraries of Napoleon (6.000 items) and Dadiani family; samples of European and Asian weapons; collection of paintings of Russian peredvizhniks, French painters of battle-pieces, and English painters of seascapes; rich collection of photographs (5.000 items); collection of crystal, china and faience crockery (French, German, Russian, etc.), Georgian Modern Art collection etc. Branch: Iona Meunargia House Museum (Tsaishi village).

2014-2015 - Elaboration of Architectural Plan for Ekaterine's Palace

Funded by: US Embassy in Georgia,

Project team: Maka Dvalishvili, Director; Tamar Kiknadze, Natia Gogebashvili (GACC);
Merab Bochoidze, architect-restorer; Irakli Kevlishvili, engeneer-constructor; Manana Suramelashvili, art historian; Lia Bokuchava, architect-restorer; Lela Ninoshvili, fresco and stone conservator; Nana Kavsadze, mineral-petrographic research

Project Purpose

The goal of particular project is to provide the detailed diagnostic studies, determination of restoration needs and elaboration of the architectural rehabilitation plan for the further rehabilitation and development of Ekaterine's Palace

Project Activities

The project includes provision of complex fors for the revealing the present condition of the building, in particular:
Conduction of full measurement and photo fixation of the palace
Art historian studies;
Study of General conditions and technical recommendations
Study of building materials and diagnostics the state of stone
Study of painting layer
On the bases of the conducted research the plan of architectural rehabilitation will be elaborated




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